An open trust resource
for the token economy

Digital tokens are a source of opportunity, but also of risk.

TapTrust is an open-source framework designed to assess the risk of tokens, and to communicate those risks in a way that is transparent and easy to understand.

Want to contribute?   Apply to be a TapTrust reviewer.

All TapTrust ratings are created with a simple framework that rates tokens on four trust areas:


Is the project setup to be friendly to its users and to limit its creator's powers?


The best token projects share their roadmap and have well-defined policies

Progress Made

How close is the project to being live and achieving its other goals?

Regulatory Risk

How likely is this project to risk legal and regulatory issues?

The entire TapTrust codebase is open-source.
You can view the code, fork it, and contribute.

retrieve(req, res) {
  return Tokens
          where: {
          include: [{
            model: Reviews,
    .catch(error => res.status(400).send(error));